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“We Intentionally seek to be a blessing in the lives of our clients and their families by providing services that ease the burden of the stressful transitions in their life”

My Silver Attic exists for the purpose of helping ease the burden of having to make significant rightsizing transition choices in one’s life. When done efficiently and professionally, moving can become a time of hope and not despair.

So, what does it mean to be done efficiently and professionally?

It starts with our free in-home assessment. There we will answer the big question of “What can I take with me”. This requires a thorough understanding of where you are going and begins the process of digging deeper into what items are most important to you.

After we have determined what we can take, then we will establish whether or not an estate sale is necessary.

If anything remains after the in-home estate sale, we can take those items to our showroom for further display.

Doing this move efficiently and professionally is not an easy task. It takes hours of dedication and hard work. We seek to remove that stress and strain from you and those involved near you.

My Silver Attic owners, employees and volunteers understand that our core values drive us every day.

Our energy comes from our passion to serve and

commit to our mission of blessing others. 

What We Do:

We help you develop a rightsizing plan for your new transition which includes:
  • organizing – collectively work together to identify items to be kept or sold
  • packing/unpacking – efficient and expertly skilled
  • move coordination/oversight – before, during and after move
  • set up in your new home – create a floor plan, assist with transfer of services, prepare change of address
  • estate sale – conduct all aspects of a profitable dispersal of remaining household items
  • showroom option – remaining items on consignment, assignment and/or donation


Because we know that your story is important and your possessions are part of that story.

As we get to know you, and you so chose we will craft a tribute and present that in front of your area in our showroom.

Your story gives our showroom customers a very different buying experience.

Let us hold your hand, take on the burden of your move

and tell YOUR story!

 Call or email us today to set up a time for a free no-obligation in home assessment.

Brian Workman
(402) 570-4094
Andrew Schindler
(402) 525-1277
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